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Many thanks go out to the Artists
who helped make our Cold River Radio Shows a Great Success!

Read how our guests felt about being a part of the show.


Spencer Albee

"We took this gig on recommendation from other Portland artists who had played it before. We were not disappointed. Playing at the Theatre in the Wood was such an unique experience, I've never seen anything like it in 15+ years of touring. Jonathan Sarty and his crew run a tight, but extremely relaxed and gracious ship. Everything from cookies to the show itself to the accommodations were just great. What a fun experience to come over from Portland and be welcomed in to this wonderful community here in the White Mountains. I can't wait to come back." -S


Amarantos Quartet
Amarantos Quartet

"We were just delighted by our reception at The Cold River Radio Show!  Everything from the professionalism of how it was run, to the hospitality of the local community, and most of all, the enthusiasm with which the audience showed their appreciation.
To be so warmly received and to collaborate with such a talented range of musicians on the show made this a wonderful experience." ~Amarantos Quartet


Sara Hallie Richardson
Sara Hallie Richardson 


"Leaving the Cold River Radio Show was like waking from a beautiful dream. Never before have I felt so taken care of, so supported, and so impressed by the enormous sense of community."

-Sara Hallie Richardson 


Mark Mandeville & Raianne Richards

Mark Mandeville &
Raianne Richards

"With a staff doing so many things right, it was our pleasure to perform on the CRRS. Jon Sarty and his friends are doing Northern NH a great public service."

- Mark Mandeville & Raianne Richards


Tom Eastman
Tom Eastman

“Getting to converse with host Jonathan Sarty about my new Cranmore book during the author segment of the Jan. 13 Cold River Radio Show was thoroughly enjoyable. The atmosphere is intimate, the music was fantastic, and Jonathan is a personable, genuinely engaged host. The Cold River Radio Show is fast becoming a must-do experience in Mount Washington Valley for those who appreciate quality music.”

- Tom Eastman, award-winning snows ports journalist, writer of the Conway Daily Sun's weekly Valley Voice column, and author of the recently-published History press book, “The History of Cranmore Mountain: 75 Years of Skiing”
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Musical Guest

Connor Garvey
Connor Garvey

"It as an absolute joy to be a part of the Cold River Radio Program. Not only is the program off to an amazing and inspirational start, the access and connection to the community of the area is palpable and extremely beneficial. People come out to the Theater in the Wood with a trust in the programming that the acts will be stellar and it is a great feeling to have the audience on your side from the start. Jonathan Sarty and team go above and beyond to make the artists feel welcome, comfortable, looked after, and valued and the community responds in kind. I wish I could do this show once a month! Thanks all!"

Musical Guest

Greg Klyma
Greg Klyma

"The founders of Cold River Radio share a passion for the arts and are driven to bring quality entertainment to New Englanders. Many people throughout many days may ask, "Hey, ya know what would be a great idea?" with no follow up. The folks at the Cold River Radio Show thought of a great idea, set goals and are making it happen! They know how to put together an entertaining show and they treat artists with respect. I look forward to working with them again and again!"--Greg Klyma

Author Rebecca Rule joined us to talk about her newest book "Moved and Seconded" Town Meeting in New Hampshire, the Present, the past and the future. 

"Had a blast telling stories and listening to stories and tapping my toes to some great music at the Cold River Radio Show.  Audience:  A+ for enthusiasm." --Rebecca Rule

"Bravo to Jon Sarty and the producers of this extraordinary show! Cold River Radio weaves together different, sparkling talents, all facets of performance in the White Mountain area. It was a privilege and a delight to be part of the debut of this deeply regional and universally appealing show. I'm so glad that storytelling is going to be part of Cold River Radio. We live in a region of artful words and vivid humor."
-- Jo Radner

"Wearing the uniform as a Maine Game Warden was always a show within itself, but being an invited guest on the Cold River Radio Show was perhaps the greatest act of my illustrious career. The extreme talent shown this old retired woods-cop from this great group of performers and the super hospitality from the live audience, will always be a pleasant memory recorded in my diaries as my life continues forward with its blessing of each passing day."
My heartfelt thanks to all... -John Ford Sr.

"I can't thank you enough for including me as a part of the inaugural line up for The Cold River Radio Show. It was a distinct honor to share the stage with you again. You are an incredibly charismatic host, genuine and sincere. It's an absolute gem of a show!" -Dan Blakeslee

"It was such a gift to take part in the Cold River Radio Show. It was one of the highlight shows of my career. The staff was so professional, the sound was incredible, and Jonathan is such a great talent and joy to work with. The show is well put together with a variety of talent; you will go through a full spectrum of emotions in your seat and leave thoroughly satisfied and uplifted." -Jenee Halstead